The can-status command should report different aspects of the current status of the notebook and writing folder.

If there is no notebook directory in the current working directory, then an error will be displayed to the user.

New notes

The can-status command should report when markdown files in the writing folder are new to the notebook and can be added. The default note file will be markdown, but can should allow for multiple formats of notes

A heading of "new notes" will be displayed, under which each new note will have a line with the title of the note when it is added - the file name.

  • It isn't possible to build cycles in your notes
    • It isn't possible to use can to build your notes to link into a cycle in any way. The can status command should warn you if your working notes form a cycle, and can add will refuse to add notes which form a cycle.
  • can commands
    • | command | description | | can-status | report the current state of the writing folder | | can-add | add notes from the writing folder into the notebook | | can-new | create a new writing-folder containing a notebook | | can-ast-at | given an address, find the AST of a note | | can-md | convert from markdown to can's internal AST format | | can-address | find the address of a particular AST | | can-note-graph | construct a list of addressed notes from the writing folder |